6 Years and Counting

Today, Dustin and I celebrate 6 years of marriage. Anyone just tuning into our story might not understand why celebration today is particularly significant. Celebration is standard at anniversaries, right? Well, our story has been less than glamorous. Look at those two kids in that picture. They were dreamy, ecstatic, praying for their beautiful future. Thank God one … Continue reading 6 Years and Counting

Time to Dust off #25

This blog is on my #30Before30 list. That's right! #iusehashtags #25 on my list says "Make my blog mean something (Post it publically!)" I literally just let out an anxious sigh after typing that. This blog is my thinking ground, but it's also a place where I hope I will foster growth in myself, in my family, … Continue reading Time to Dust off #25