Blessed Weekend in Plainfield

During a sermon on idolatry, Steve White (Plainfield Christian Church) reminded us that there is only one true God. Josiah looked up at me and said, "There's only one God, Mommy? There's only one Jesus?" I can't even type it without choking up! Yes, yes, yes, my sweet boy. Only One. Thank You, LORD, for … Continue reading Blessed Weekend in Plainfield

I Need a Reminder (And a few goals for September)

Being a parent whilst also being human is really discouraging sometimes. I feel like a big fat failure almost every single day. Like right now, when Josiah has been asking to put the same puzzle together for 2 days, and it's still laying in the middle of the living room floor undone. I haven't found 5 … Continue reading I Need a Reminder (And a few goals for September)