The Weekend Wave

Have you ever been to a sporting event where the crowd does “The Wave”? It starts at one end of the stadium or arena. Fans stand up and raise their hands and then sit back down. It moves around the place until everyone has done this in sequence, and it creates what looks like a wave in the ocean. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s exciting. It gets everyone involved and raises enthusiasm for the home team.

What if we showed that kind of enthusiasm for our neighbors and friends? What if we did the wave for people like we do at sporting events? I don’t mean literally, although, that would be hilarious. Stand up and raise your hands when someone walks in the room. They’ll love it or think you’re nuts. Ha!

This weekend wave is for…

My childhood friend and his wife. A young mother of 3, Kari’s been diagnosed with ALS, and they are raising awareness and rallying to find a cure. I cannot even imagine what she’s going through, but her faith and determination are inspiring. Would you pray for them and consider giving to the cause?

My friend, Tricia. She’s offering hilarity and hope with her blog about bi-cultural marriage. Although she’s had to cross major cultural boundaries, I think a lot of what she’s got to say would encourage ANY marriage.

And…Zac Owens, who gets to open for Kelly Clarkson! What?! Once upon a time, my family switched churches, and I knew no one. Zac was so welcoming and is a light to everyone around him. He’s one of the good ones, and I’m so happy to see his music going places.

Quote of the week:

“The whole experience makes me wonder if the time we spend trying to become somebody people will love isn’t wasted because the most powerful, most attractive person we can be is who we already are, an ever-changing being that is becoming and will never arrive, but has opinions about what is seen along the journey.” – Donald Miller, Scary Close (pp. 148-149) This is what Milly Becoming Wilder is all about!


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