The Weekend Wave: August 16

August is half way over. WHAT.

In the month that my two favorite guys were born (Josiah is soon to be four. Feelings. So many feelings.), we’re doing the wave daily!

  • This week I’m doing the wave for my favorite hairstylist, Missie Shawen, owner of Paradise Island Salon. If you live anywhere near Harrison, Ohio, MAKE THE DRIVE. She is so worth it. Totally down-to-Earth, straight-shooting, master of all things hair, nails, and make-up. She makes me, a low-maintenance momma, look beautiful. And apparently, people come from miles around to have her do eyelash extensions. It still baffles my mind that people pay for things like that, but it doesn’t surprise me that they’d have her do the job. I can’t say enough about her skills! She manages to straighten my hair in about ten minutes, and it ACTUALLY LOOKS GOOD. ‘Nough said.

A photo posted by Felisha Joyce (@felishajoyce) on

  • Although this is a place for cheering and fun, I think we should also commend our friends for doing the hard things…like sharing real life. This blog about experiencing miscarriage in the first month of marriage just about brought me to my knees. New life is so precious, and this post expressed that in such an honest and raw way. We can’t possibly understand the reasons for why life is lost, but God is there. He holds tiny lives in His hands.
  • On a completely different and goofy note, read How an Introvert Makes a Phone Call. Finally, someone put the struggle into words. I LOATHE talking on the phone. I’m not sure that’s a strong enough word for the negative feelings that rise up in me at the thought of making or taking a phone call. No one close to me really gets it; they just know it’s better to text me. Hopefully this blog post will bring some understanding.

I hope that you will make this week one of honesty, sharing, and joy. Living in community is the only real way to live. For whom will you do the wave this week? Look at the people around you and lift them up!

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