Simple Immunity Boosting

We’ve just started a cold bug. I started to get that icky-sicky feeling about half way through the work day, and Josiah has definitely had the sniffles for the last few days. Obviously I’m no doctor, but I’m making an educated guess when I say it has a little (or a lottle) to do with my slacking off in the natural health department. The holidays, followed by moving, meant I dropped the ball on anything that wasn’t eating, sleeping, and going to work. Basically I made sure we didn’t die, but that was it.

There are a few things I’ve done that aided our family in being pretty stinking healthy this winter, up until now. Josiah had two viruses in December, but we know exactly where they came from…family, the people he was around A LOT. So although I wish I could have prevented those bugs, I count it a blessing that he’s been less sick this year (so far!) than in years past.

Here’s my list of super simple immunity boosters…

  1. Drink enough water
  2. Get enough sleep (seriously, 8 hours should be a minimum, folks!)
  3. Keep your sinuses moist (I know about 97% of you just cringed at the word moist). I went to a D.O. when I lived in Indianapolis, and he said keeping your sinuses from drying out is one of the most effective ways to ward off upper respiratory illnesses. I can totally attest to that! Try these ways:
    • Run a vaporizer or humidifier around that clock, or at least when you are sleeping. I’ve had the most success with the cheapy vaporizer I bought from CVS this year. It is working so much better than the fancy humidifier I bought for Josiah’s nursery. The vaporizer has a little pool for Vick’s vapor rub, but I just put essential oils in it!
    • Salt-water nasal spray daily. You can make it or buy a saline spray to pop in your purse/backpack for a few dollars. I’d suggest reading the ingredients and avoiding preservatives. Keep it natural!
    • Salt-water nasal rinse. Again, you can make this or buy it.
  4. Take vitamins and supplements. Yes, you should be able to get all the vitamins and minerals you need from your diet, but let’s face it…even our organic foods have lost potency, because our land has been stripped of it’s health by modern farming techniques (READ: God’s ways are ALWAYS better than man’s).
  5. Limit refined sugar intake. That stuff is terrible (I know – I have felt like crud since the move, because I’ve been eating so many quick, convenient foods! Ew!)
  6. Use essential oils. I know you’re sick of hearing this from all the oily Mommas on the interwebs, but they really do boost your system (and they smell gooooood!). I use the NOW brand, and I know all you fancy oil subscribers are tisk-tisking. We have a limited budget, and this is the best option I can provide my family in this season. Even the cheap oils are better than no oils. Our winter is proof. Don’t judge a sista’s oils, okay?!
  7. Live simply. A stressful life is a sick life. What can you cut out?
  8. Exercise. Get that blood pumping! This helps cut the stress! Exercise is a need, not a luxury. Do whatever you have to do to make it happen. I found some great beginner yoga videos online, and they have been a game changer. Yes, I’d love to have access to the incredible gym where I pumped iron (Ha!) in college, but that just isn’t my reality…and it’s not an excuse not to take care of my body.

Taking care of yourself can be very simple, but you can’t let it slide when life gets crazy. Take my word for it! <sniffle sniffle>


A New Love

Tonight I’m thanking God for second chances. They come in all sorts of packages. Particularly, I’m thankful for another chance to care for my body.

I’ve been slowly learning about yoga, and I have found a new love. As a former “All American” type athlete, yoga is completely different and new and refreshing. It teaches how to love your body more than having a love for competition. It is slow and peaceful and wonderful.

I discovered a teacher I really appreciate this week. She offers foundations of yoga, beginner sequences, and a 30 day challenge (I did Day 1 just now). She says that one of the most important things is to just show up to the mat. I can officially vouch for that. Most of the evening I have felt like screaming. I don’t know why I fell into that emotion, but rather than turning to a bag of something sugary, I showed up to the mat. Within the first ten minutes, the screaming inside me stopped. But the end, I was communing with the LORD and thanking Him for second chances. If you are ready for a second chance of good health, I would encourage you to give yoga a shot.


June 2014 is here. We are living in the future. I mean, weren’t we supposed to be driving flying cars by now? Seriously, the passage of time astounds me.

The weather is beautiful, and we are looking forward to a good month. This month we will celebrate with the Dummel family, as the oldest of the grandchildren is now 21 years old. I remember the first time I met Blake. He was barely in middle school. He was such a sweet kid, and he has grown into a man of character, not to mention his incredible skills in the world of automotives. We have so enjoyed watching him grow up and find his calling. Happy Birthday, Blake!

In June, I want more…

1. More Bible reading and prayer.
One of my #30Before30 goals is to read through the entire Bible with great intention. I want to pay greater attention to the details, as I learn more about God and what He wants for His kingdom. Right now I’m in Luke, as I read through the Gospels in reverse order. I’m amazed all over again at the man that Jesus was, and the LORD that He is.
My prayer life is weak. It almost always has been, I’m sad to admit. As I’ve struggled with communication in all of my relationships, I don’t talk to God enough.

2. More yoga.
I really love yoga, though you wouldn’t know it by how little I’ve done it. I need to strengthen my back and my core, as I have been having a lot more pain this year…not to mention the pudgy midsection I earned through stress eating this year. Oy vey!

3. More sunshine.
Josiah and I love to be in nature, and I want to share as much time outdoors together as possible.

In June, I want less…

1. Less jealously.
That one is hard to admit, but I really have to fight that sin. Although I am so thankful for my life and where God has brought us, sometimes I lose sight of what He’s doing in MY life, and begin to envy what He’s doing in someone elses. There are a lot of people out there who are living adventures with the LORD that I desire…maybe if I take my eyes off of them, I will be able to seek my Father more fervently, as He leads me along in His kingdom work. Father, forgive me.

2. Less processed foods/refined sugars/gluten.
This one is way harder for me than it should be. I KNOW that man made foods make me look and feel terrible, but I continue to partake. I want to live a better, fuller life, and that means kicking chemical laden, man-altered foods to the gutter where they belong.

3. Less television.
We haven’t had cable for a long time, but there are still shows available to watch online. I probably watch less television than the average American, but that comparison does not satisfy! I want to spend my time doing things I care about, and television tends to grab my attention away from the activities that I truly want to pursue.

In June…

I’m reading Love & Respect, written by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. There are a LOT of books out there on marriage, and I avoided this one for the longest time. I have a aversion to things that get popular…but this one is highly regarded for a reason. If you haven’t read it, you should. No joke.

I’m listening to all sorts of Christian music. I’ll admit, I don’t always listen to Christian tunes (GASP!), but right now, I can’t get enough. So much positivity. So much grace. Like a breath of fresh air after the long winter.

I’m in food love with frozen berries with plain greek yogurt, as well as greek style hummus and fresh veggies. So simple, but so yummy!

What do you want more or less of in June? What is the food love of your month? Let’s make it a good month!