Goals for November 2015

It's November. 2015 is almost over. Am I the only one struggling to grasp that?! Last month, my goal was to get by. This month, I'm a little more ambitious...emphasis on a little. I'm starting to feel better. I've crawled into the second trimester this week, and wonderful things are starting to happen. Though morning … Continue reading Goals for November 2015

I’m Taking the Road to Health Less Traveled

Friends, I have been looking forward to sharing this post with you so much! It's no secret to people who know me that I geek out about natural health. I've spent at least half of my life learning about food and how it affects us, body and soul. I was very athletic from a young … Continue reading I’m Taking the Road to Health Less Traveled


June 2014 is here. We are living in the future. I mean, weren't we supposed to be driving flying cars by now? Seriously, the passage of time astounds me. The weather is beautiful, and we are looking forward to a good month. This month we will celebrate with the Dummel family, as the oldest of … Continue reading June