Big News for MBW!

Hey followers! I’m developing this blog further in hopes of using it more in the future. I’ve moved to:

I would love to have you join me over there 😀 I’ll still keep this site up, but I probably won’t be posting here anymore, at least not for the time being. Thank you for following so far. You all know how to make a girl feel special! Happy Resurrection Day!!!


Blessed Weekend in Plainfield

During a sermon on idolatry, Steve White (Plainfield Christian Church) reminded us that there is only one true God. Josiah looked up at me and said, “There’s only one God, Mommy? There’s only one Jesus?” I can’t even type it without choking up! Yes, yes, yes, my sweet boy. Only One. Thank You, LORD, for that moment. My boy is listening. My deepest prayer is that he serve You always.

This weekend refreshed my soul and reminded me how blessed I am. Thank you to all our Plainfield family and friends for loving on us this weekend. I only wish I could have more time with you.

Minimalism Game Days 9-12

Woah! Life got a little crazy there for a minute! I finished my first accounting class last week, attended an out-of-town funeral Saturday, and took a “mental health” Sunday (I.e. I went to evening church after staying home all day with my sweet boy). I will try to catch up on the “game” over the next few days!

October 9

1. Hair barrette
2. Hair barrette
3. Hair barrette
4. Bracelet
5. Hair pretty
6. Hair pretty
7. Hair pretty
8. Pair of earrings
9. Magazine

October 10

1. Magazine
2. Magazine
3. Magazine
4. Magazine
5. Scrapbook
6. Notebook
7. Plastic bowling set
8. Tank top
9. Infant Michael Jordan hat
10. Night gown

October 11

1. Night gown
2. Night gown
3. Night gown
4. Baby bib
5. Baby bib
6. Baby bib
7. Baby bib
8. Baby bib
9. Baby bib
10. Baby bib
11. Baby bib

October 12

1. Baby bib
2. Baby bib
3. Baby bib
4. Pair of flip flops
5. Black TOMS knock-offs
6. Pink TOMS knock-offs
7. Baby shoes
8. Pink TI-84 skin
9. Blue TI-84 skin
10. Ugly candleholder
11. Reusable grocery bag
12. Reusable grocery bag

Minimalism Game Day 4

October 4

1. A cute, but ill-fitting night gown

2. A stack of old computer software disks

3. A soy cookbook (What was I thinking when I bought that? Give me a break; I was new to vegetarianism…)

4. A white camisole that annoys me every time I wear it


Minimalism Game Day 3

October 3

1. Issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray

2. Issue of Better Homes & Gardens

3. Issue of Martha Stewart Living


I usually try to reflect on life, but today I just had fun. I got to help scare the crap out our our business owner. There is nothing better than scaring someone. I laughed so hard I cried. It was a good day.