Just Show Up: How to Love Your Neighbor

I’ve learned something huge about what it means to love one another this year, and I wish I could go back and teach it to my younger self. Over the last 12 months, I cannot even count how many times people supported my family and showed us actual, tangible love. We bought a house last … Continue reading Just Show Up: How to Love Your Neighbor

A White Girl from a Small Town

Laying awake at 4 am trying to grasp for straws. Social media is a whirlwind of people falling on either side of a debate that shouldn't be. There's been violence once again in our country. White cops, black civilians and vice versa. Just a short time ago, it was an Islamic man and homosexuals. In … Continue reading A White Girl from a Small Town

I’m Offended!

Everywhere you turn, someone is getting offended about something, and I think it’s because we are a big bunch whiners. If I offend some people with this post, it’ll probably get more attention for the blog than my other, far more uplifting posts...I think people like being offended. It gives them something to clamor on … Continue reading I’m Offended!